VI. International Congress of Yoga and integrative Therapies

Early early bird ticket sale started! The early early bird ticket can be purchased until the 21st of June here  and it is 100€ cheaper than the regular ticket (195 € instead of 295 €).

The ticket gives access to all congress events and includes delicious food for dinner on Friday the 30th as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday the 1st of December.

About the congress:

The International Congress for Yoga and Integrative Therapies offers an international platform meant to reveal the depth of the yoga system and its significance for the holistic development of man and his consciousness. It is a very important event for students and teachers of our school to meet specialists in medicine, natural and human sciences, who are concerned with the broad topic of yoga, to exchange views, to share their experience and to highlight the amazing interconnections.

Bringing together speakers and participating audience, a fertile, creative environment is created, where they have the chance to share the latest results of research but also to explore various spiritual forces and phenomena, thus gaining a deeper insight into the field of spiritual evolution and adding new names to the list of visionary geniuses of all times. New and interesting view points and effervescent, sometimes challenging discussions on how and to which extend the yoga system operates will occur. All these will help to reinforce the core principles of Yoga today, and why not, to encourage a genuine practice of Yoga.

In this way the Congress can be an eye-opening experience even for long-term practitioners. Moreover, it is an excellent event to display the sincerity of our teachings in public, showing our true value versus the defamation we are often facing.

New confrimed speaker at the congress:

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa

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Special initiation for students of the Atman Federation at the Congress:

Exclusively to all students of the Atman Federation, who participate to the VI. International Congress for Yoga and Integrative Therapies in Berlin, November 30 – December 2, 2018, as well as those Atman students, who participate to the International Yoga Contest, will be offered a special initiation by Advaita Stoian on the 29th of November in the Maha Yoga Zentrum in Berlin (5-8 hours – exact time to be announced):

The 7 esoteric fundamental keys to obtain success on the path of spiritual transformation and evolution.

This seminar will contain initiate elements that allows a profound understanding and effective control of the mechanisms of spiritual evolution. There will be given the initiation in the secret MUDRAS that allows the control over the TIME energy and the energy of DESIRES. Exceptional exemplifications of the fundamental spiritual principles that support these initiate notions will be offered within this seminar, allowing the profound understanding of these notions and the way they will be applied in the daily life.