The topics of faith and knowledge and their relationship to each other often present considerable difficulties to anyone addressing the subject. The relationship of faith to belief is a very complex study and, admittedly, it is not likely that the exact relationship between the two will be easily settled. The word “faith” is used in various ways that make it even more difficult to arrive at a clear understanding of it. We must concede that words can have different meanings, and that each of the different meanings may be legitimate. Often people say of some belief that cannot be established as true, “After all, it is just a matter of faith.” Again, someone who is uncertain of taking a particular course of action might be advised, “Take a leap of faith.” 

It is false to say that faith means the absence of evidence. “God does not want us to accept anything as true for which there is not sufficient evidence” – this claim is disputed by Christian and non-Christian alike. Some have suggested that if a claim rests on sufficient evidence, then such a claim is a matter of knowledge, while faith has to do with considerations lacking evidence of their claim. According to this, knowledge begins where evidence begins, and ends where evidence ends while faith begins after the evidence ends.

We invite you to a lecture aiming to share the perspective of the Tantra Yoga system upon faith, believe and knowledge.

Sunday 26.03.17  from 18:00 with dr. Doru Bodea

The conference is held in English. Free entry