18th of January 2020 2:00pm – 5:00pm at MahaYoga Zentrum (for Men only)

This is an external organised event. The content does not reflect the views of Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e.V. necessarily.

The ancient Tantric Sutras tell: „The greatest happiness of a man is to make his beloved as happy as possible.“ Discover not only the true meaning and source of this happiness, but also learn the fundamental and practical aspects of how to achieve it.

The path of a man is powered by Awakening Masculinity. Thomas Orboe returns to Berlin to share the Tantric secrets about the role of love and relationships in the masculine path.

We will delve deep into the role of relationships and the polar game in the development of a man. It is known that how a man handles women directly reflects how he handles life – and through these teachings we will learn to handle both in a conscious and masculine way.We learn the theory and methods behind controlling the masculine energies, and through this unlocking endless stamina in love and life. Through this and a deeper understanding of the feminine we will begin to learn the true way to make our lovers truly happy and fulfilled, beginning to answer this often difficult question.

We will explore deeply these notions to understand our own masculinity and the polar feminine force, and our place in this game. We will also go into practical elements to train the confidence and skills needed to fulfill our role in this game.* It is not necessary to have been in the 1st or 2nd session to attend or find this session extremely valuable – each session adds to the others, but they are also self-contained *

What you’ll learn…

  • The Polar Game (Masculine and Feminine)
  • Controlling the Energies and Endless Stamina-Making Your Lover Happy
  • Masculine Confidence

The Speaker

Thomas Orboe is a Yoga and Tantra instructor at Natha Yoga Center Copenhagen and a skilled lifestyle coach, helping many transition to a new healthier lifestyle. Thomas is the coordinator of the Awakening Vira project to help men re-discover the fundamental principles and mechanisms of masculinity based on ancient Tantric knowledge and modern science as he has learned from his mentor and teacher Advaita Stoian.


Single Seminar – Normal: 40 € | Reduced: 35 €

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You don’t need to sign-up and can just arrive for the event at our location.


MahaYoga Zentrum
Brunnenstr. 147
10115 Berlin
(directly at underground station Bernauer Str. U8 – elevator exit)