Conscious Massage Course – A journey for spiritual transformation

Course | 5 weekend modules | First module: 21st – 22nd of September 2024 | MahaYoga Zentrum Berlin

Please note, that it is only possible to start the course at the first module in September. It is not possible to join the course later.

This unique Conscious Massage Course is a course where you will learn everything you need to know to become a wonderful and skillful masseur.

Throughout this Conscious Massage Course you will learn the necessary techniques to be fully present when you give a massage, to awaken the energies of the other one, to control your own energies, to give love in an unconditional manner, and to be focused and attentive while being in a complete state of relaxation and surrendering.

This Conscious Massage Course is for everyone – either you have a professional background in massage or not – who wants to learn more about several types of massage (and how to perform them), who whishes to use this wonderful transformation tool to expand the consciousness and awaken the soul, to offer the others moments of ecstasy and happiness by conscious and healing massage. This course is for everyone who is ready to open his heart to love, who is ready to take care of the other one and to enrich himself with esoteric knowledge.

Why learning massage?

This is an altruistic practice and profession, for the ones who feel to go further in the professional world, which impacts the lives of others, which helps the others, which gives the possibility to others of reducing their stress in their lives, to live a pleasant and harmonious existence, to alleviate pains and focus on their well being.

Benefits of enrolling in this Conscious Massage Course

  • You will learn how to control your own energies
  • You will learn to be fully present in the here and now
  • You will be able to know yourself deeply and enter in contact with your own essence
  • You will be better at managing stress, anxiety, emotional instability
  • You will increase altruism, intuition, compassion, love and empathy in your being
  • You will have the opportunity to give a step forward in your spiritual transformation
  • You will be able to give conscious massages in an integrated and elevated manner
  • You will be able to connect with the energies of the Universe and manifest them in a sacred manner
  • You will learn tantric secrets that will lead to a leap in your state of consciousness
  • You will discover the wonders of intimacy and love by opening the heart

The structure of the Conscious Massage Course

The course is structured with 5 modules, each of them composed by 2 days (Saturday and Sunday). Each module will be a rich and unique journey where you will learn not only the art of conscious massage but also yogic, tantric and ayurvedic theory and techniques along with an intense practical part.

During the first module – 21st and 22nd of September – you will learn about how to become a masseur, about essential oils, the famous Indian head massage and many other interesting topics (we can’t reveal everything because the surprise element is the best!)

During the second module – which will be on the 19th and 20th of October – the journey of spiritual transformation will continue with topics like the chakra system, the elements, meridians, koshas and chest and abdomen massage. In this module you will learn how your being is structured and how to harmonize it through massage, meditation and other techniques.

The third module – 16th and 17th of November – will be very special as we will go through the polarity between the masculine and feminine, intimacy, eroticism and sensual massage. You will learn how to embrace pure eros in order to transmit it throughout a conscious massage, and some tantric techniques that will change your life as a masseur and as a human being.

During the forth module – 14th and 15th of December – we will offer the knowledge about lymphatic drainage, conscious relaxation, ayurvedic massages and the 5 senses. We will guide you through the processes of sublimation and transmutation and you will learn how to do a back massage.

The fifth and last module – 18th and 19th January – will be the last step into this journey of transformation by the power of touch, where you will learn how to prepare and create the perfect integrated space to give a massage, how to perform head and arms massage and you will also learn the sacred therapy of reflexology.

Price per module

Early-Bird: 180,00 € until August 20th 2024
Normal: 230,00 €
Members: 200,00 €*

*Members of Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e. V.

Maximum amount of participants: 20
This course if open for everyone.

The instructors that will give this Conscious Massage Course


Bhogananda is a masseuse specialized in tantra massage for almost 10 years. She is also a yoga instructor, a writer, femininity coach, facilitates women’s circles and tantra yoga workshops. She discovered the world of Tantra Yoga and fell in love with tantric massage right away, realizing how this esoteric practice transformed her being, helped her in her spiritual evolution and allowed her to become more aware, more loving, more feminine, more in love with Life.

She teaches many types of massage in several countries and her profound aspiration is to share esoteric knowledge around the world.

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Since a kid, Nour felt that there is more to life than meets the eye, and this has transformed into an unstoppable search to find answers behind some of the most fundamental questions in his life. German Romanticism was the first expression of Nour’s spiritual seeking, which in time has led him to tiredlessly study and absorb notions and disciplines from different traditions and cultures, from psychology to alternative therapies, from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong to Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra (which he has been training and practicing for 20 years and been teaching for 15 years).

His love for movement has lead him to refine the art of Hatha Yoga and explore the intricacies of the human body, which brought him closer and closer, amongst other things, to the importance of conscious touch in the establishing and maintaining of the overall holistic harmony of the being.
Nour is currently one of the senior course instructors at MahaYoga Zentrum, Berlin.

Cancellation policy

Full refund: Until August 20th 2024
Cancellation fee of 20,00 €: Cancellations between August 21st – September 4th 2024
Cancellation fee of 50 % of the paid participation fee: Cancellations between September 5th – 17th 2024
No refund: Cancellations after September 18th 2024


Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e. V.
MahaYoga Zentrum
Brunnenstr. 147
10115 Berlin
Directly at underground station U Bernauer Str. (U8) [elevator exit]