How to increase Self-worth

Part 1: Spiritual perspective and tantric methods on how to purify envy

16th of November – 14th of December 2023 | A course only for women

About the course

In a circle of women, you will learn to increase your self-worth by alchemizing resistances in your being that is holding you back from fully blossoming up and stepping into your feminine energy.

In part 1 we will focus on purifying envy by starting with self-love and applying kindness, benevolence and empathy for others. This will help you to achieve a more balanced and harmonious life and to amplify the state of Shakti, the supreme feminine, in your being. And by this you will be able to awaken your soul and become the best version of yourself.

What you will receive

In 5 consecutive sessions we will dive deeper into the subject with various methods to empower you and to purify envy in our being.
In each session, we will have a theoretical part followed by exercises. On top you will get homework from one session to the other, which will help you to deepen the knowledge you have gained.
To support this process of purification we will work with meditations representing the Godly Attributes such as Goodness, Harmony, Love and many more.

Overview of the sessions

Session 1: Intro & Kindness
  • Presentation on envy from a general and spiritual perspective
  • Group exercise
  • Meditation with the Godly Attribute of Godly Goodness
Session 2: Self-love
  • Presentation about self-Love, self-confidence and inner harmony
  • Exercise: Bring an object that is precious to you
  • Meditation with the Godly Attribute of Godly Harmony
Session 3: Empathy & Active love
  • Presentation on empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of others
  • Exercise on active love
  • Meditation with the Godly Attribute of Godly Love
Session 4: The Law of occult offering
  • Presentation on the Law of occult offering: effective methods how to apply and to cultivate generosity
  • Group exercise
  • Meditation with the Godly Attribute of Godly Generosity
Session 5: Gratitude
  • Presentation on how to cultivate gratitude
  • Exercise on applying gratitude
  • Meditation with the Godly Attribute of Godly Purity
  • Review and sharing

Please note that this course is within the context of the Tantra Yoga for Women group at Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e. V.
It is not a requirement to be enrolled at this group in order to participate at this course.

Tantra Yoga for Women aims to awaken and amplify femininity called the state of Shakti in Sanskrit and teaches how to be a spiritual woman in modern times.
A new group in English will start later this year in Berlin.

Dates of the course

The sessions take place Thursdays from 18:30 – 20:30 at our centre in Berlin.

  • 16th of November 2023
  • 23rd of November 2023
  • 30th of November 2023
  • 7th of December 2023
  • 14th of December 2023

Due to the structure of the course it is only possible to join the course at the first session.

Price for all five sessions

Normal: 77,00 €

Members: 55,00 €*

*Members of our non-profit association Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e. V.

About the course instructor

Niluma Anne

For about 5 years, I am engaging myself in spiritual Women groups, also called Shakti groups, in which we amplify our femininity and work on our spiritual development in order to use the full potential as a woman, with which we are naturally endowed and which is worth to be awaken at a maximum in this lifetime.

I am participating at the Tantra Yoga for Women Intensive Training, which is a Training to lead spiritual Women Groups and close to my graduation. This journey helped me very much to blossom up myself and now I would like to share this knowledge with other women.


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Cancellation policy

Cancellation until October 16th 2023: Full-refund

Cancellaton between Ocotber 17th –  31st 2023: 10,00 € cancellation fee

Cancellation between November 1st – 16th 2023: 50 % cancellation fee (in respect to the paid price)

Cancellation after November 16th 2023: No refund


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