Important information

A new course will start on the 10th of October (Saturday), which will take place every fortnight in our centre aswell as online. We do not offer a free trial lesson, but you can buy for 35,00 € our „4 Weeks All Class Pass“, which will give you access to our new courses for four weeks. Included in this pass are the Kashmir Shaivism Course, the Tantra Yoga Course, Yoga Course and the Tantra for Women group.
You can also take a trial lesson for the Kashmir Shaivism Course for 15,00 €.

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“Shiva” means the “good one”, the benevolent, the kind. In the Indian tradition Shiva is the aspect of divine that reveals Itself, that unveils the Truth and sets you free. Shaivism is a path to discover the nature of reality, the mysterious relationship between what is finite and all that is infinite, and who we really are, the essential Self. Shaivism reached its pinnacle in Kashmir as a non-dual – Advaita – approach to Tantra Yoga, embracing all that exists as essentially spiritual. Everything is consciousness.

What you will learn

This course embarks on that path step by step, unfolding the cosmology and symbolism of Kashmir Shaivism as the basis for many practices and initiations on this Liberation Way.

You will be initiated — among many other topics — in the following:

  • Spirituality in daily life
  • Sanskrit as a sacred alphabet
  • Methods to awaken Consciousness
  • The mysteries of the 36 essential aspects of manifestation (tattvas)
  • Practical study of the Shiva sutras & other tantric texts
  • Initiatory and practical study of certain fundamental treatises of the Kashmir Shaivism: Shiva Sutra, Spanda Karika, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra etc.
  • The mysteries of the phonemic divine energies (of the creative divine Logos)
  • The Essential paths to spiritual liberation:
    – the path of the Limited Being — Anavopaya
    – the path of the Deifying Energy — Shaktopaya
    – the path of Shiva — Shambavopaya; the Supreme Path (or the Path without steps) —Anupaya
  • Full revelation, from an efficient, practical perspective, of the 112 major direct methods of enlightenment contained in the esoteric treatise Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which confer the revelation of the Immortal Supreme Self (Atman) and ecstatic, full union with God.
  • Esoteric methods to profoundly, intensely activate the subtle centres of force (Chakras) and of all their „petals“ (specific vibratory directions)

About the teacher

Mironel de Wilde is a yoga and Kashmir Shaivism teacher, nonviolent communication trainer and a film-maker. He was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in Canada and the UK in a family philosophers with an open spirituality, and he emerged from childhood with a conviction to help others and a sense of mystery about what is beyond the material life.

By the age of 13 he was studying Buddhism and knew that a spiritual path would be a big part of his life. He also had profound experiences with the native shamans of Canada as a teenager and went to India in 2001 to look for the depths of yoga. He found the esoteric tantric school of the Gupta Mahasiddha lineage, and dedicated to study and practice. Within this lineage, he began studying Kashmir Shaivism in 2003.

In 2018, he completed the 3 year Kashmir Shaivism teacher training with Nicolae Catrina (Adinathananda) and also became certified by CNVC in nonviolent communication.

He continues to deepen his Yoga and Shaivism practice, grow in NVC (nonviolent communication) consciousness and express himself creatively through film. His vision is to bring these methods to as many people as possible with a hope of reaching a critical mass of people who awaken in consciousness and compassion.

Course Fee

Regular: 60,00 € per month
Members *: 50,00 € per month

* Members of Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e.V.

In case you are taking either the Yoga or Tantra Yoga class of our school you receive a reduction of 25 % for the course fee for the Kashmir Shaivism course.


First class on the 10th of October at 10:00 a.m.