This event will take place on 17th of July 18:00 and is for free.

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Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga e.V. invited Sunyogi Umasankar to give a lecture about sun yoga at the MahaYoga Zentrum.

In this lecture Sunyogi will talk about sun yoga. The method of sun yoga was rediscovered by Sunyogi Umasankar. Although there are many references in the writings of ancient cultures to the practice of sun yoga, the technique has been forgotten over time.

Sun yoga connects directly to the Source of the life energy. By means of a special gaze technique, life energy (prana) is absorbed through the eyes. At the same time the own (inner) sun is activated.

If you are interested in sun yoga, you can take part in a public sun meditation on Thursday, 18th of July under the guidance of Sunyogi and gain your first experience with this technique. Sunyogi will announce place and time during his lecture.

For questions please contact Alexandra Wagner 0176-64094685, who is the external contact person for this event.

About Sunyogi Umasankar

Sunyogi was born on June 22, 1967 in the small village of Lachhipur in West Bengal outside Kolkata in India.

Despite growing up in a Hindu family, he never bothered which creed, color or social class we humans have, believing that what truly matters is wanting to reach agreement through peace and friendship. Early in his youth he developed deep philosophical questions like “What is the purpose of life?” His hunger to get answers to these questions drove his spiritual zeal to understand more of the world we live in. Later, after becoming a successful electrical engineer and businessman, he was initiated by his mother in Kryia Yoga and went to Pondicherry ashram to focus 100% on finding the answers to his philosophical questions.

Sunyogi wandered the subcontinent for six years without money or possessions and lived without food for a long time. He drew his energy directly from the sun. After a two-year retreat in the Himalayas, he returned to teach sun yoga and spread the message of universal unity, peace and brotherhood.

Sunyoga is not the most important element in Sunyogi´s teaching, it is just part of the path to achieve inner peace, the very first step to bringing peace to the whole universe, which is the ultimate goal for all of us.

The external organizer is requesting donations for this event, but it is not obligatory in order to participate at the lecture.


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