Parapsychology-Seminar 1 „The Art of Dreaming“

What if you could practice and study during sleep? Discover the potential of the night and learn to use your dreams!
The universe exists in several very different but related levels. A real physical experience, for example, reflects also in the world of dreams and in the world of principles and archetypes. What if we were conscious at all those levels? What if we could act, learn or practice while we dream, in our sleep? What if we would rest our bodies at night and make in the same time important evolutionary steps? Let’s make together these first steps in discovering the astral dimension, the world of dreams. The intensive seminar „The Art of Dreaming“ will teach us how to discovering the astral dimension, how to make use of our dream messages and get to know the immense potential of our being. In this 5-day intensive seminar we will be presented with in-depth theoretical knowledge and with simple and yet very efficient techniques for deep relaxation and conscious dreaming.

 24.-28. May 2017 with Dr. Doru Bodea

A parapsychology course in Berlin to lucid dreaming, lucid dreams and other astral phenomena

This Workshop will introduce us notions like: consciousness on the astral plane, phenomena such as conscious dreams, also called lucid dreaming. We enter the field of parapsychology and dare to step on the path of traditional yoga which, since centuries, hold the knowledge of these wonderful techniques. Lucid dreaming is known in many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions, e.g. by Aristotle in ancient Greece, in ancient Rome by Augustine, by the Tibetan Buddhists in the eighth Century, in the Sufi tradition, by Thomas Aquinas in medieval Italy, in the Upanishads and Vedas and some of the old ancient tantric texts.

What is lucid dreaming?

With the help of lucid dreaming we want to explore the astral worlds, recognize archetypes and universal divine principles. During lucid dreaming we are aware that we are dreaming while we are dreaming and therefore we can determine the events of the dream itself. The events in the dream are consciously controlled. The normal wakeful consciousness is present during dreaming as clear as a memory of life in the wakeful state. The mind of the sleeper is awake while the physical body is asleep. He is fully aware that he sleeps, that his body is lying in bed and the environment in which his consciousness is moving is just dream landscape, created and controlled and by him. This results in an enormous expansion or duplication of the conventional consciousness, as in the astral it is extended to more subtle levels of consciousness .

Lucid dreaming: the gateway to our souls

Through lucid dreaming we experience specific archetypes within us in order to gain access to higher levels of consciousness. In the „Art of Dreaming“ Workshop Seminar we aim to understand these archetypes in ourselves and learn how to awaken them harmoniously. Thus, we may gain a greater knowledge of the divine laws of the universe and directly experience them in a lucid dream. Dreams are created by the dreamer, consciously or not. There is no one who could understand their significance better than the dreamer himself.

Lucid dreaming practice: the techniques

We will learn about lucid dreaming and how to explore the astral worlds through some very simple and efficient methods. These techniques will offer a gradual access to lucid dream states. All methods are experienced in common practice and afterwards crystallized for an efficient practice, later at home.

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