Valentines’s Special – Chakra Yoga and Deepdating

For Free | Workshop | 14th of February 2024 | 18:30 – 21:30 | MahaYoga Zentrum

We are excited to present this new and special event on Valentine’s Day 2024!

What has Chakra Yoga to do with Deep Dating? Have you ever wondered why some people fit mysteriously and why some relationships just shine and thrive and others don’t? In this special event we will unleash 7 mysteries about the human being and will date in a fun and meaningful way.

If you are you tired of online Dating or just don’t have the opportunity to meet people you are at the right place. Instead of boring „job interview dating“ we created a touching way of connecting where you can just relax and eventually feel butterflies. We will guide you through a joyful and relaxed Speed-Dating (we dare to call it Deep Dating) session while learning about the Chakra-s and what they have to do with successful dating.

Be ready for a surprises and sensual entertainment. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet nice people and Love :)


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Tantric Speed Dating
  • Surprise
  • Relaxing Chill-Out


Until 14th of February 2024 to


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