Vipassana is a simple way to deepen your meditation practice allowing to perfectionate your skills in a blissful manner. Vipassana practice is a fast path to focus and settling into consciousness and non-duality and even Samadhi states.

Simple meditation techniques may lead you to deep and fruitful meditation without having any vast knowledge or experience. You will learn simple techniques of the yoga tradition to allow a fast developement of your practice

What is Vipassana?

Vipassana is a simple meditation technique, often practiced in Buddhism and Zen path. The practice of Vipassana meditation leads gradually towards the perfect state of equilibrium and inner peace, through revealing, awakening and amplifying our superior state of consciousness. This very simple form of meditation can be approached successfully by any human being and it does not require any specific form of knowledge regarding meditation techniques or pre-existent meditating skills. Nevertheless, the success in practicing Vipasana is attained easier and faster by the one that had purified extensively the toxins from the body and the negative mental attitudes from the mind, and released it its complexes and tensions.

Vipassana doesn’t imply any kind of effort

The Vipassana technique of meditation propose right from the start a different approach from the usual meditation techniques, and to practice it successfully implies from our side to gradually detach from our ego, from the mental fluctuations, from attractions and repulsions, from desires and fears and at the end from our own subjectivity. Vipassana is different from the usual meditating techniques because it does not have an object and doesn’t imply from our side any kind of effort to focus or to concentrate. In this case, even the idea of “the one that meditates” gradually dissolves, because now what is outside becomes the same with what is inside, and what is inside becomes the same with what is outside. Our mind is emptied from any specific content and because of this our consciousness will purely reflect the objective reality, like a perfect mirror. There is no tendency to ask or to search, the impulse to anticipate or to remember, comparing and desire ceases to exist. Even the desire to achieve a transcendent experience disappears. This last wish (to achieve the state of enlightenment) ceasing to exist, will put us in a state of total detachment, where the ego disappeared in an instant and from that moment on, we can live plenary and ecstatically the experience of here and now (the objective reality). In this state of total detachment, the state of ecstatic cosmic enlightenment (Samadhi) will appear spontaneously and without effort. Vipassana is therefore a way to intuitively penetrate the ultimate nature of the reality.



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