Sunday, 13th of January 2019 18:00 ~ 21:00

New year – new beginning!

The new year is on our doorstep. And with it, the fresh wind of new beginning once more comes your way… This is why, on 13th of January 2019 we open the doors of the MahaYoga Zentrum and invite you to our Yoga Introductory Workshop.

For all those who are interested in Yoga and those who want to become so, we will introduce to you our ongoing Yoga class. Our Yoga courses already started last October but we are still at the beginner level and few places left so we are delighted to take you on-board with us!

In this introductory workshop, we will describe the traditional philosophy of Yoga with its practical and theoretical elements that have been taught so far in the course, so, joining the course, you will have the impression that you haven’t been missing anything, while you will get a first-hand, free-of-charge experience of how is to be in one of our courses.

Participate and find out if you want to join us on this wonderful journey of self-discovery….

– Sign-up is not compulsory.
– Part of the presentation takes place in English – German simultaneous translation is provided.
– Bring comfortable Yoga clothes. Blankets, pillows and yoga mats are provided at our centre.
– We want to support you to make your new-year resolution come true! In this direction, we are ready to offer, to all those who will participate to this Yoga Introductory Workshop, a free voucher giving you the chance to take part, free of charge, to our beginner level Yoga courses until the end of January (five classes in total)!

– 15th of January – Tuesday (English)
– 18th of January – Friday (German)
– 22nd of January – Tuesday (English)
– 25th of January – Friday (German)
– 29th of January – Tuesday (English)

Look forward meeting you!

About our Yoga course

Our Yoga course can be considered the backbone of our spiritual school. Since over 15 years, we teach weekly Yoga classes in Berlin.

Aside from the physical level, the mental, the emotional and spiritual level are also included with the aim to rediscover the holistic harmony in-born to all of us.

In addition to a repertoire of yogic techniques from authentic Yoga traditions, we teach a variety of natural methods and we offer a genuine understanding of a real Yogic life-style, including, amongst others, ethical and moral precepts (Yama and Niyama), focus and concentration techniques (preparing thus for the state of meditation), cleansing techniques of inner purification (Shat Karma), and much more.

For a comprehensive understanding about why Yoga is so effective (compared to gymnastic and other workouts and relaxation methods), methods of how to increase awareness in our lives are emphasized, and different universal laws (like the law of the hologram and the law of resonance) are taught practically and theoretically and they can also be directly experienced in the class. 

Another thing that makes our Yoga course so unique are the written handouts you’ll receive after every theoretical lecture and for every subject. That way, you can read them again anytime at home, and you can catch up easily if you miss a lecture. The course continues over many years with new subjects every week, this giving you a special advantage in today’s Yoga landscape because you can go really in depth with yoga. 

Our current Yoga courses take place on:

Tuesdays 18:30 – 20:30 (English with Nour)
Fridays 17:30 – 19:30 (Deutsch mit Bryn)


MahaYoga Zentrim
Brunnenstr. 147
10115 Berlin
(directly at U-Bhf. Bernauer Str. (U8))