18th June 2017, 18:00 – 20:00

The increasing popularity enjoyed by yoga in the last decades is not the result of the need for originality and variation of life, but a consequence of the fact that this millennial practice answers with great success many of the nowadays problems. Facing situations that often seem insurmountable, especially in the context of the “classical” approach, modern man started to seek alternative solutions and thus discovered that what the millenary wisdom of yoga offers, covers most of these problems. In addition, fundamental principles underlying the practice of yoga helps us rediscover a harmonious way to solve the challenges of life without generating other crises and thus get the most out of the resources with which nature has endowed us. The Yoga system offers to those who aim to deeply understand its mysteries, amazingly effective solutions, often unexpectedly well suited to contemporaneity.

Lecture held in English by Dr. Doru Bodea

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